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Make Your Own Car Window Decals

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Car window decals are like fashion accessories for your vehicle. Use them to show off your creative side. Express ideas, support brands or help put a smile on people's faces with your very own custom car decal.

Here we discuss the types of car window decals and how you can make your custom sticker for your car.

Types of Car Window Decals

1. Die Cut Weatherproof Stickers

Make any designs come to life with custom shape stickers. Weatherproof lamination on stickers make for long lasting decals that can be applied on the exterior of your vehicle.

2. Front Adhesive Stickers

These stickers have the adhesive on the front (the same side as your design) so that you can apply it from the interior of your vehicle.

3. Static Clings

Want a temporary decal that's easy to peel off? Static clings might be the right choice for you. This material is designed to cling on to glass surfaces without any adhesive.

4. Vinyl Transfer

These are great of intricate designs or lettering. A transfer tape or sheet is adhered to the sticker so you can peel the various parts altogether and stick on your surface of choice.

5. Bumper Stickers

The classic rectangle stickers have ample room for text and graphics. Adhere them to your windshield or your trunk window to convey a message.


custom car sticker

DIY Car Decals

So how can you make your own car decals? 

Keep the style of sticker you want in mind when designing your decals. For best results, create vector images. However, we at Comtix accept PDF, high resolution jpeg, and PNG as well. Once you have your design completed, either go to to order your custom die cut sticker, bumper sticker, or round sticker. We'll send you a free proof, answer any questions you might have and make sure you get exactly what you want.

If you prefer vinyl transfer, static clings, or front adhesive stickers, simply e-mail with your artwork and quantity for a custom quote. Our team is ready to help!